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Dr Edmond Ng

Consultant General Practitioner
Medical Educator & Medical Author
Clinical Tutor & Examiner
Medical Advisor, Occupational Health & Disability
Sports General Practitioner 
Cosmetic Physician
Clinical Research Physician
BioTech, HealthTech & Management Consultant
Reluctant Polymath
Captain (Medical) Singapore Armed Forces
Consultant Family Physician
(Ross Court Medical Suites) 
Occupational Physician
(BUPA, DVA & Sonic HealthPlus)
Fmr Sports Physician

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr Flight Surgeon

(Republic of Singapore Air Force)

  Fmr Sports Science Lecturer (Monash & Edith Cowan)

Fmr Clinical Trials Physician (Nucleus Network)

Clinical Advisor (Simplr Health & Simplr BioTech)

Clinical Advisor (CellGen)

Medical Aesthetics Advisor

(Skincare Journeys, Fmr Sciton Aesthetic Lasers) 

Medical Advisor (SEEDD Consulting) 

Medical Educator 
 (Medical Board of Australia, Australian Health Practitioners Agency, Institute of Medical Education, HealthCert Education)
Clinical Tutor & Examiner
(University of Melbourne, Monash University, AMC, PESCI,
PEP, FRACGP & Aesthetic Medicine)
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer (Monash & Edith Cowan)
Medical Education Advisor
(Healthscope, John Fawkner
& Melbourne Private Hospitals, Ramsay Health, Warringal Private Hospital)
RACGP KFP Examiner
Fmr RACGP QA OSCE Examiner
Fmr RACGP Fellowship Pathways 
GPE & Just Cause Assessor
Fmr RACGP CPD Advisor, EAR & Contributor

Masters of Science,

Management Information Systems

(High Honours, Boston Uni, USA)

Certified Senior Consultant

(IBM Global Services)

Certified Practice Manager
(Australian Association of Practice Management)
Captain (Medical) Singapore Armed Forces 
Chief Medical Officer (McSana)

Medical Scientist, HealthTech

Management Consultant
Clinical Development Consultant (CellGen)

Aesthetics Business Consultant

(Skincare Journeys, Fmr Sciton Lasers) 

HealthTech & Healthcare Management Consultant

(SEEDD Consulting) 

Fmr IBM Global Services Consultant
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer
(Masters of Science in Project Mgmt, 
National University of Singapore)
Fmr Practice Manager

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr General Practice Accreditation Surveyor (GPA)

General Practice Accreditation Assessor

(ACHS AAGP, Global-Mark)




Edmond is a consultant general practitioner with special interests in

- sports, occupational, skin, aesthetics and wellness medicine

- education, training, management, regulation and technology


Edmond has over 30 years of international clinical practice in clinical trials, surgery, primary care, aged care, sports, exercise, occupational, military, musculoskeletal, skin, regenerative, aesthetics, and wellness medicine. 

He has a specialist surgical fellowship (UK), a postgraduate general practice fellowship (Australia), and a post graduate certification in aesthetic medicine (USA). Edmond was also trained in sports and military medicine (SAF & RSAF). Edmond is a certified occupational physician for AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority), and soon NTC (National Transport Commission) and OGUK (Oil & Gas UK). 


Edmond is a certified practice manager, biotech, healthtech, infotech, healthcare management & education consultant and a certified assessor to accredit general practices, and soon hospitals and other healthcare facilities. 


Edmond was a Captain (Medical, SAF) in the Singapore Armed Forces' Military Medicine Institute (MMI) where he was a Sports Physician, Medical Researcher and Clinical Trainer. The MMI is a leading multi-speciality military and sports medicine centre in East Asia. For this Edmond was trained fulltime by orthopaedics, hand, trauma and neuro-surgical specialists in hospitals outpatients, emergency and operating theatres. This was followed up by on the job training by sports medicine specialists, orthopaedics and hand surgeons in MMI's multi-speciality outpatients, gyms and allied health services. There Edmond also participated in biomechanics, metabolic and human performance research.

Edmond was a Clinical Trials Medical Officer in Nucleus Network, Australia’s largest Phase 1 clinical research organization and the only Phase 1 specialist globally with facilities in the USA and Australia. Since 2004, Nucleus Network has conducted well over 1000 Phase 1 clinical trials for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies from across the globe, including China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA. 

Edmond has certified basic and advanced master class training for anti aging, skin care, hair loss and hair reduction, face and body sculpting. He trained in cosmetic injectables commonly performed in Australia for all major anti-wrinkles and dermal fillers (Allergan, Galderma, Merz & Teosyal), including the use of Vital Injector 2 mesogun.

Edmond trained in aesthetic laser and light therapy: Lumenis Acupulse, Sciton Halo, ClearScan and ClearV Nd YAG, Moxi & BBL, Cynosure Revlite, Candela Gentlelase, Iriderm Diolite, Cutera Pearl, Cutera Coolguide & Laser Genesis, Cutera LimeLight IPL, Cutera Titan Long Pulsed NIR Light. Edmond also trained in HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound, Ulthera refined microfocused ultrasound technology with visualization, BTL Vanquish & Exilis Ultra RF radiofrequency, CoolSculpting & Z Lipo fat freezing, BTL X Wave & Z Lipo Z Wave ESWT shockwave.

Edmond also trained in PRP, mesotherapy, collagen induction therapy, Skeyndor electroporation virtual needling, PRP vampire facials, Vi chemical Peels, Cosmelan, Obagi and various depigmentation therapies and injectable lipolysis, Mesoestetic and Ultraceuticals skin care. Edmond has used VISIA Skin Analysis systems. He also trained in dermatoscopy and skin cancer office procedures. Edmond has recently commenced training in non-permanent thread face lifts and laser eyelid lifts.

Edmond enjoys helping clients look refreshed, relaxed and revitalised and he specialises in the natural healthy look. He prefers avoiding to ‘over-correct’ and he is in particular looking out for achieving ideal proportion to match the rest of the face, personality, profession and lifestyle. Edmond is committed to using the best practices for all of his patients’ anti-ageing needs. He offers only the most effective, safe and scientifically proven treatments. He is a welcoming and caring aesthetic practitioner who takes a holistic approach to happiness, health, beauty & wellbeing. 


Edmond is Medical Aesthetics Advisor to Skincare Journeys, a boutique consulting firm specialising in bespoke end-to-end services, solutions and mentorship in the aesthetics skin care industry. Skincare Journeys is also the distributor for Sciton Business Solutions (Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania). Sciton provides advanced lasers and light sources to the aesthetic medical markets.

Edmond was Medical Aesthetics Advisor to Sciton Lasers & Light in Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania. Based in California, USA, Sciton is a leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic lasers and light source technologies and is listed as The Aesthetic Company To Watch In 2020. Sciton values people, products and processes that are reliable, relevant and respectful of patients and practitioners. Sciton has robust methodologies to provide the best equipment and also the best professional education, training and certification. Sciton clinical trainers have depth of therapeutic experience, as well as the commitment and communication skills to impart these via our comprehensive training programs. Edmond helped Sciton craft targeted modules to suit various types of practitioners according to the level of experience of each practitioner. Edmond was organised and yet open to accommodate individual needs to tailor delivery where necessary. Sciton had successful collaboration with Dr Edmond in professional training and certification in our local aesthetic industry.

Edmond is Medical Advisor & Business Consultant to SEEDD Consulting in helping healthcare innovators develop and deliver end user product training, business support, marketing, clinical curriculum, coaching and certification. Through field visits, Edmond improves practitioners’ awareness of medical products, share supporting scientific data, train professionals in proper use, and develop physicians’ expertise and comfort in prescribing. Edmond works closely with commercial teams to conduct or facilitate training to practitioners and provide proper influence to therapeutic leads. Edmond also help shapes clients' leadership image in ANZ. Edmond provides interpretation and perspective to clients' competitor activities. He also identifies key researchers, physicians and others critical to knowledge base and disease awareness relevant to success of clients' products. Edmond ensures maintenance of key relationships with physicians and administrators of specialty societies via development and execution of KOL engagement plans. Edmond stays abreast of scientific developments in ANZ, Asia-Pacific and globally; attends key relevant medical congresses for purpose of extending medical knowledge, supporting commercial teams with medical expertise, establishing new business relationships, and strengthening existing relationships. Edmond also contributes to review and development of promotional material relevant to clients' portfolio by providing pertinent medical advice to commercial teams.

Edmond has collaborated with proven industry leaders to provide RACGP CPD (continuing professional development) accredited training programs for aesthetics medicine in Australia. He was the education & CPD director for an anti aging academy based in Melbourne. Edmond has presented on anatomy for safe cosmetic injectables. Edmond was invited to participate in a major dermal therapy degree program in Melbourne. 

Edmond has lectured on human anatomy for Monash & Edith Cowan universities in Singapore. In 2005 he was invited to be a lecturer in anatomy in Perth for Edith Cowan University. When Edmond was a surgeon, he gained first hand knowledge of living anatomy of the face and neck. Edmond fully understands that safe and effective cosmetic injectables rely on a clear knowledge and understanding of human anatomy. Every year techniques evolve and improve as the complex, layered architecture and soft tissue compartments of the face, neck, joints, muscles and bones are discovered and delineated. Knowing surface landmarks and the underlying anatomy and depth of vital structures help to avoid adverse events and achieve pleasing outcomes. To create a more youthful, natural-looking form and to reverse changes due to aging, a sound knowledge of facial, neck and musculoskeletal anatomy will improve results and prevent complications. 

Edmond is Clinical Advisor and Clinical Trainer to CellGen. Cellgen Medical is focused on improving the quality of life of people suffering from joint pain by using best in class protocols and technology that are cleared by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHRPA). Lipogems System - Naturally Minimally Invasive Procedure for People with Joint Symptoms. Physicians can now in clinics outside hospitals perform microfractured adipose tissue transfer from  patients' abdomen to face or damaged or worn joints. Adipose fat has many natural reparative characteristics that help to promote a healing environment throughout the body to support a healing environment in affected joints.

Edmond is also Clinical Advisor & Trainer to Simplr Health and Simplr BioTechSimplr BioTech supports IBH (of Bridge Impact Capital) in COVID technologies with GenScript. SImplr BioTech solves health problems with new science & technology with the vision to deliver innovative and holistic solutions to societal health problems via the customisation and integration of existing and new science and technologies, addressing at scale life science and healthcare problems worth solving. Simplr BioTech supports IBH to fulfill IBH's vision of making innovative life sciences technology available for all, and in providing evidence-based and personalised health management solutions for those most in need, for e.g. cPass™, the first FDA-authorised test for neutralising antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 (under EUA). cPass™ delivers reliable data to help estimate individual immunity against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19 pandemic).


Built on the foundation of a medically designed and developed weight loss protocol, Simplr Health is a weight loss and lifestyle education program. Simplr Health is committed to the four pillars of (1) validated science for safe weight loss, (2) personalised one-on-one coaching and support, (3) dieter empowerment and (4) a healthier lifestyle education so dieters may sustain their results long-term. These four pillars, and the emphasis on the need for lifestyle change to ensure successful weight loss, are at the heart of what makes our protocol unique and effective.

Edmond understands that while employee wellness is focused on physical health and includes things like ergonomics, healthy eating and exercise programs and anti-smoking initiatives, employee well-being is much more comprehensive. Well-being considers physical wellness, but also focuses on mental, emotional and social health. Promoting employee wellness has long been of importance to employers. Healthy employees are more productive, more engaged and keep healthcare costs low for an organization. A 10% increase in well-being has been associated with a 5% increase in job performance and drastically reduced healthcare costs. Edmond is committed to help achieve wellness and well-being in the workplace and in the community.


Edmond enjoys caring for our local multicultural community. In addition to English, he also speaks some Mandarin, Cantonese & Hokkien and plans to learn Spanish, Italian and French. He is all thumbs at gardening, loves tree branch arts and crafts, adores spicy foods and collects antique original condition furniture. Edmond hopes to one day find time to rest​ore a Ducati Scrambler or perhaps an old Indian motorcycle.

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