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S.E.E.D.D. Consulting
Dr Edmond Matthew Ng

Consultant General Practitioner
Medical Educator & Medical Author
Clinical Tutor & Examiner
Medical Advisor, Occupational Health & Disability
Sports General Practitioner 
Cosmetic Physician
Clinical Research Physician
BioTech, HealthTech & Management Consultant
Reluctant Polymath
Captain (Medical) Singapore Armed Forces
Consultant Family Physician
(Ross Court Medical Suites) 
Occupational Physician
(BUPA, DVA & Sonic HealthPlus)
Fmr Sports Physician

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr Flight Surgeon

(Republic of Singapore Air Force)

  Fmr Sports Science Lecturer (Monash & Edith Cowan)

Fmr Clinical Trials Physician (Nucleus Network)

Clinical Advisor (Simplr Health & Simplr BioTech)

Clinical Advisor (CellGen)

Medical Aesthetics Advisor

(Skincare Journeys, Fmr Sciton Aesthetic Lasers) 

Medical Advisor (SEEDD Consulting) 

Medical Educator 
 (Medical Board of Australia, Australian Health Practitioners Agency, Institute of Medical Education, HealthCert Education)
Clinical Tutor & Examiner
(University of Melbourne, Monash University, AMC, PESCI,
PEP, FRACGP & Aesthetic Medicine)
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer (Monash & Edith Cowan)
Medical Education Advisor
(Healthscope, John Fawkner
& Melbourne Private Hospitals, Ramsay Health, Warringal Private Hospital)
RACGP KFP Examiner
Fmr RACGP QA OSCE Examiner
Fmr RACGP Fellowship Pathways 
GPE & Just Cause Assessor
Fmr RACGP CPD Advisor, EAR & Contributor

Masters of Science,

Management Information Systems

(High Honours, Boston Uni, USA)

Certified Senior Consultant

(IBM Global Services)

Certified Practice Manager
(Australian Association of Practice Management)
Captain (Medical) Singapore Armed Forces 
Chief Medical Officer (McSana)

Medical Scientist, HealthTech

Management Consultant
Clinical Development Consultant (CellGen)

Aesthetics Business Consultant

(Skincare Journeys, Fmr Sciton Lasers) 

HealthTech & Healthcare Management Consultant

(SEEDD Consulting) 

Fmr IBM Global Services Consultant
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer
(Masters of Science in Project Mgmt, 
National University of Singapore)
Fmr Practice Manager

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr General Practice Accreditation Surveyor (GPA)

General Practice Accreditation Assessor

(ACHS AAGP, Global-Mark)


what we do



Edmond is an independent management consultant to the local Healthcare, BioTech, HealthTech, Information and Communication Technology sectors 




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