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Dr Edmond Ng

Family Physician
Clinical Tutor & Examiner
Sports General Practitioner
Cosmetic Physician
HealthTech & Management Consultant
RACGP KFP Examiner
Fmr RACGP QA OSCE Examiner
Fmr RACGP Fellowship Pathways 
GPE & Just Cause Assessor
Fmr RACGP CPD Advisor, EAR & Contributor
Clinical Tutor (Monash & University of Melbourne)
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer (Monash & Edith Cowan)
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer (National Uni Singapore)
Fmr Sports Physician

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr Flight Surgeon

(Republic of Singapore Air Force)

Chief Medical Scientist, plan8
(Australia, India, Singapore, USA)
Medical Scientist, HealhTech & Mgmt Consultant,
MP Consulting (ANZ) 
MScMIS(High Honours, Boston USA)
Fmr IBM Global Services Consultant
Captain (Medical) Singapore Armed Forces 
Fmr Practice Manager

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr General Practice Accreditation Surveyor

Certified Practice Manager
(Australian Association of Practice Management)







Edmond is a family physician with special interests in sports, skin, aesthetics, education, training, management and technology.

Edmond has over 30 years of international clinical practice as a surgeon, family physician, sports and aesthetics physician with a specialist surgical fellowship (UK), a postgraduate family medicine fellowship (Australia) and a post graduate certification in aesthetic medicine (USA). In Australia Edmond has been a certified practice manager, healthtech, management & education consultant and a surveyor to accredit general practices. 


Edmond is a clinical tutor for Monash and University of Melbourne medical colleges. He was an adjunct lecturer in sports science & sports medicine for Monash and Edith Cowan in Singapore. Edmond was invited to be a lecturer in anatomy for Edith Cowan in Perth by world renown Prof Robert Newton who consults for Nike, Chicago Bulls, England Rugby, Manchester United, English and Australian Institutes of Sport and Surfing Australia.

Edmond helped provide continuing education for healthcare professionals via RACGP and Registered Training Organisations. He was a RACGP Quality Assurance OSCE Examiner. Edmond is an examiner for the written FRACGP exam. He was also a Qualified Education Activity Representative (EAR) for RACGP CPD programs. Edmond was a RACGP Fellowship Assessor of overseas and local general practice experience (GPE), and of Just Cause submissions for RACGP Fellowship exams. 


Edmond was a Captain (Medical Corps) in the Singapore Armed Forces' Military Medicine Institute (MMI) where he was a Sports Physician, Medical Researcher and Clinical Trainer. The MMI is a leading multi-speciality military and sports medicine centre in East Asia. For this Edmond was trained fulltime for over 12 months by orthopedics, hand, trauma and neuro-surgical specialists in hospitals outpatients, emergency and operating theatres. This was followed up by on the job training by sports medicine specialists, orthopedics and hand surgeons in MMI's multi-speciality outpatients, gyms and allied health services. There Edmond also participated in biomechanics, metabolic and human performance research. Edmond was also trained and tasked as a Flight Surgeon as a Captain(Medical) in Republic of Singapore Air Force helicopter air sea search & rescue in the South China Sea. After leaving the MMI to be a general surgeon, Edmond continued to serve part time every year as a Captain(Medical) in Singapore Armed Forces National Guard until he moved to Australia. 

Since the MMI, while in private practice in Singapore, Edmond  continued sports medicine part time and trained medics in the military and St John Ambulance. He also provided the medical response plan for 1993 South East Asia Games. Other supported sports events included IRB Rugby Sevens and the Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore. Edmond was the expedition doctor for a Special Olympics cum Singapore Management University team scaling the highest peak in south east Asia, Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.


In Australia, Edmond has been a Sports GP and was invited to be a team sports doctor for Williamstown VFL, a feeder club to AFL. Edmond was also invited to join sports physician teams for major professional sports franchises in AFL and NRL. Edmond has clinical experience in corporate, industrial & travel medicine with major local clients like Qantas, Ford & Honeywell. International  corporate clients included Citigroup, UBS, Bank of America, Sumitomo Bank, Siemens, Seagate, Singapore Airlines, Keppel Shipyard and ST Aerospace.

​Edmond trained in musculoskeletal injections (PRP hyaluronic acid, corticosteroids) to help rejuvenate muscle and joint injuries to help restore function and return clients to recreation, work and daily activities. ​All treatments use best in class protocols and technology that are cleared by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia and by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHRPA).


Edmond has certified basic and advanced master class training for anti aging, skin care, hair loss and hair reduction, face and body sculpting. He trained in cosmetic injectables commonly performed in Australia for all major anti-wrinkles and dermal fillers (Allergan, Galderma, Merz & Teosyal), including the use of Vital Injector 2 mesogun.

Edmond trained in aesthetic laser and light therapy: Lumenis Acupulse, Sciton Halo, ClearScan and ClearV Nd YAG, Moxi & BBL, Cynosure Revlite, Candela Gentlelase, Iriderm Diolite, Cutera Pearl, Cutera Coolguide & Laser Genesis, Cutera LimeLight IPL, Cutera Titan Long Pulsed NIR Light. Edmond also trained in HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound, Ulthera refined microfocused ultrasound technology with visualization, BTL Vanquish & Exilis Ultra RF radiofrequency, CoolSculpting & Z Lipo fat freezing, BTL X Wave & Z Lipo Z Wave ESWT shockwave.

Edmond also trained in PRP, mesotherapy, collagen induction therapy, Skeyndor electroporation virtual needling, PRP vampire facials, Vi chemical Peels, Cosmelan, Obagi and various depigmentation therapies and injectable lipolysis, Mesoestetic and Ultraceuticals skin care. Edmond has used VISIA Skin Analysis systems. He also trained in dermatoscopy and skin cancer office procedures. Edmond has recently commenced training in non-permanent thread face lifts and laser eyelid lifts.

Edmond understands that while employee wellness is focused on physical health and includes things like ergonomics, healthy eating and exercise programs and anti-smoking initiatives, employee well-being is much more comprehensive. Well-being considers physical wellness, but also focuses on mental, emotional and social health. Promoting employee wellness has long been of importance to employers. Healthy employees are more productive, more engaged and keep healthcare costs low for an organization. A 10% increase in well-being has been associated with a 5% increase in job performance and drastically reduced healthcare costs. Edmond is committed to help achieve wellness and well-being in the workplace and in the community.

In Australia Edmond has been a certified practice manager, healthtech, management & education consultant and a surveyor to accredit general practices.


Edmond is the Chief Medical Scientist of Plan8 to help clients and partners deliver innovative solutions in the HealthTech space. As Chief Medical Scientist, Edmond combines 3 areas of expertise - Clinical, HealthTech & Consultancy/Management - specialising in informatics, digital transformation and digital disruption to help meet and exceed challenges in Healthcare and Life Sciences. In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Plan8 is delivering Vaxyn8, the smartER cloud vaccine management solution.


Plan8 is partnered with Freshworks and Vaxyn8 is powered by Freshworks technology platform. Freshworks is a software as a service (SaaS) company. Freshworks’ focus is customer service. Its goal is to make it easier for businesses to gain and keep customers. Freshworks serves more than 250,000 customers, and its valuation recently exceeded $3 billion. That makes Freshworks an investment unicorn. A soon impending Freshworks IPO is a much anticipated MarTech (Market Technology) event. 

Edmond is Medical Scientist and HealthTech & Management Consultant tor MP Consulting  in ANZ. Edmond helps healthcare practices excel in clinical and management outcomes, identify emerging health technologies and bring them to market, and help provision of financing and financial services in healthcare. As clinicians become increasingly connected and digitally enabled, and healthcare moves from the traditional clinic and hospital to virtualized anytime anywhere… increasingly IoT and AI incorporated diagnostic tools can enable and ‘upskill’ clinicians (and patients) to enhance, guide, analyze and record aspects of clinical exams. From vital signs to mobile lab on a chip — these can enable lower cost and more accessible and democratized diagnostics and care. Projects include auto-diagnostic digital stethoscope via mobiles, and small, lightweight wearable computers with hands-free transparent displays for hands-free work and seamless patient practitioner interactions.

Edmond was a strategy advisor to Singapore's largest healthcare conglomerate. Edmond was a Captain (Medical Corps) in the Singapore Armed Forces Military Medicine Institute (MMI) where he helped managed the MMI which is a leading multi-speciality military and sports medicine centre in East Asia. Edmond participated in materials science, biomechanics, metabolic and human performance research. 

Edmond has a MScMIS(High Honours, Boston USA) and has played lead roles in delivering innovative digital platforms in and outside medicine for global industry leaders like IBM and Razorfish.

Edmond helped IBM Global Business Services deliver Lian Hua Hypermarket's Strategic Outsourcing ICT Strategy, a USD $200 million program in supply chain ERP in Shanghai, China.

In Frankfurt, Germany, Edmond helped Razorfish deliver the Proof of Cnncept for Deutsche Bank XML-based db-eEscrow service for buyers and sellers as a secure and efficient way of executing high-value online transactions. The service is accessed directly from the GoIndustry platform without the user having to leave the exchange web site. The db-eEscrow eliminates the risk of non-payment for the seller and ensures delivery of goods for the buyer.

In Boston, USA, Edmond helped Razorfish deliver State Street Global Securities Thomson & Reuters real time stock market data feeds pricing Data Quality Management System. Edmond also helped deliver Harvard Medical/MIT/Massachusetts General Hospital’s international Research & Data Portal. 

In Las Vegas, USA, Edmond helped NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) DoCoMo i-mode wireless Internet service deliver mobile WAP services in Japan. i-mode then had over 30 million subscribers which was 60% share of Japan's mobile Internet market, making it then the most successful mobile data service in the world.

Edmond was offered the position of Project Manager with the very prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital, CIMIT (Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology) and Partners Healthcare in Boston, USA. CIMIT is a network of world-class academic and medical institutions partnering with industry and government. CIMIT's mission is to foster collaboration among clinicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation and catalyze the discovery, development, and implementation of innovative healthcare technologies.

Edmond has management experience in corporate, industrial & travel medicine with major local clients like Qantas, Ford & Honeywell. International  corporate clients included Citigroup, UBS, Bank of America, Sumitomo Bank, Siemens, Seagate, Singapore Airlines, Keppel Shipyard and ST Aerospace. 


Edmond enjoys caring for our local multicultural community. In addition to English, he also speaks some Mandarin, Cantonese & Hokkien and plans to learn Spanish, Italian and French. He is all thumbs at gardening, loves tree branch arts and crafts, adores spicy foods and collects antique original condition furniture. Edmond hopes to one day find time to rest​ore a Ducati Scrambler or perhaps an old Indian motorcycle.

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