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Dr Edmond Ng

Consultant General Practitioner
Medical Educator & Medical Author
Clinical Tutor & Examiner
Medical Advisor, Occupational Health & Disability
Sports General Practitioner 
Cosmetic Physician
Clinical Research Physician
BioTech, HealthTech & Management Consultant
Reluctant Polymath
Captain (Medical) Singapore Armed Forces
Consultant Family Physician
(Ross Court Medical Suites) 
Occupational Physician
(BUPA, DVA & Sonic HealthPlus)
Fmr Sports Physician

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr Flight Surgeon

(Republic of Singapore Air Force)

  Fmr Sports Science Lecturer (Monash & Edith Cowan)

Fmr Clinical Trials Physician (Nucleus Network)

Clinical Advisor (Simplr Health & Simplr BioTech)

Clinical Advisor (CellGen)

Medical Aesthetics Advisor

(Skincare Journeys, Fmr Sciton Aesthetic Lasers) 

Medical Advisor (SEEDD Consulting) 

Medical Educator 
 (Medical Board of Australia, Australian Health Practitioners Agency, Institute of Medical Education, HealthCert Education)
Clinical Tutor & Examiner
(University of Melbourne, Monash University, AMC, PESCI,
PEP, FRACGP & Aesthetic Medicine)
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer (Monash & Edith Cowan)
Medical Education Advisor
(Healthscope, John Fawkner
& Melbourne Private Hospitals, Ramsay Health, Warringal Private Hospital)
RACGP KFP Examiner
Fmr RACGP QA OSCE Examiner
Fmr RACGP Fellowship Pathways 
GPE & Just Cause Assessor
Fmr RACGP CPD Advisor, EAR & Contributor

Masters of Science,

Management Information Systems

(High Honours, Boston Uni, USA)

Certified Senior Consultant

(IBM Global Services)

Certified Practice Manager
(Australian Association of Practice Management)
Captain (Medical) Singapore Armed Forces 
Chief Medical Officer (McSana)

Medical Scientist, HealthTech

Management Consultant
Clinical Development Consultant (CellGen)

Aesthetics Business Consultant

(Skincare Journeys, Fmr Sciton Lasers) 

HealthTech & Healthcare Management Consultant

(SEEDD Consulting) 

Fmr IBM Global Services Consultant
Fmr Adjunct Lecturer
(Masters of Science in Project Mgmt, 
National University of Singapore)
Fmr Practice Manager

(Singapore Military Medicine Institute)

Fmr General Practice Accreditation Surveyor (GPA)

General Practice Accreditation Assessor

(ACHS AAGP, Global-Mark)


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Edmond believes in education being a firm launching pad for success in life

Edmond has demonstrated experience in providing high quality education and training to general practitioners throughout the general practice professional life cycle. In them Edmond has proven experience in medical education working with general practitioners in a variety of education and training settings. Also Edmond has proven experience in the development and delivery of training and education resources for medical practitioners.

In 2016 Edmond proposed to EMPHN (Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network) and RACGP a basic framework to support NVR IMG GPs in their journey to the FRACGP and VR. This later developed into the PEP program.

Edmond demonstrated integrity as a former RACGP OSCE Quality Assurance Examiner for the FRACGP. Edmond is an examiner for the FRACGP KFP written exam. He was also a RACGP Fellowship Pathways Assessor for overseas and Australian general practice experience (GPE) for eligibility to sit the RACGP Fellowship exams or to work in Australia as supervised non-vocationally registered GPs. Edmond was also a Just Cause Assessor of submissions from RACGP Fellowship exam candidates who have failed repeatedly. The candidates’ submissions attempt to show that the candidate has learned from their previous examination attempts and is modifying their approach to increase their chance of success in subsequent exam attempts. He is a PESCI panel examiner for IME (Institute of Medical Education).

Edmond is a clinical tutor and examiner for Monash and Uni of Melbourne post graduate medical schools. He s also a clinical tutor and supervisor for Australian GP registrars (AGPT) and IMG NVR GPs (AMC, PESCI, PEP). He helps to design, develop and deliver certified workshops and online learning for IMGs, Australian GP registrars and re-entry Australian graduates in professional education and training for Australian Medical Council, AHPRA, ACRRM and FRACGP exams.

Edmond is also Medical Educator for HealthCert Education and Institute of Medical Education, Edmond develops and delivers postgraduate medical course curriculum, including hands on training in face to face workshops and hosting webinars for Skin Cancers and Aesthetic Medicine. Edmond is also a clinical tutor and examiner for AMC, PESCI, PEP and FRACGP for the Institute of Medical Education.

Edmond is Medical Educator & Examiner for Medical Board of AustraliaAustralian Health Practitioners Regulatory AgencyHealthscopeMelbourne Private HospitalJohn Fawkner Hospital as well as Ramsay Health's Warringal Private Hospital in Melbourne. As Medical Educator for the Medical Board of Australia (AHPRA, Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency) Edmond provides remedial training and education for errant doctors in Australia.  

Edmond has proven that he has a very sound understanding of the regulatory environment for CPD. He helped provide CPD education programs for healthcare professionals via recognised providers to RACGP. Edmond was a RACGP CPD EAR for RACGP accredited CPD activities developed and coordinated by various external service providers. His responsibilities in this role include reviewing and providing professional advice on:
• learning needs assessments and the proposed learning outcomes of the educational activity (learning plans)
• presentations and other types of CPD activity, for strength of content and relevance to GPs and general practice


Edmond has strong knowledge of international best practice around medical education and assessment frameworks. In Melbourne, Edmond is a clinical tutor and examiner for post graduate medical students for University of Melbourne and Monash University. From 2001 to 2006, Edmond was an associate lecturer in sports science & sports medicine for Monash and Edith Cowan university campuses in Singapore where he helped design, develop and deliver certified curriculum and exams.


Edmond has a high level of attention to detail. Edmond lectured on sports science and human anatomy for Monash & Edith Cowan universities in Singapore. In 2005 Edmond was invited by world-renowned Prof Rob Newton to be a lecturer in anatomy in Perth for Edith Cowan University including sports science research. Prof Rob Newton consults to Nike, Chicago Bulls, England Rugby, Manchester United, English and Australian Institutes of Sport and Surfing Australia. When Edmond was a surgeon, he gained firsthand knowledge of the living anatomy. Edmond fully understands that safe and effective medical procedures rely on a clear knowledge and understanding of human anatomy. Every year techniques evolve and improve as the complex, layered architecture and soft tissue compartments of the skin, fat, joints, muscles and bones are discovered and delineated. Knowing surface landmarks and the underlying anatomy and depth of vital structures help to avoid adverse events and achieve optimal outcomes.

Edmond has collaborated with proven industry leaders to provide RACGP CPD accredited training programs for aesthetics medicine in Australia. He was the education & CPD director for an anti aging academy based in Melbourne. In this Edmond provided various teaching manuals and conducted certified CPD training modules for doctors and other clinical healthcare professionals. Edmond has presented on anatomy for safe office cosmetic procedures. Edmond has been invited to help design, develop and deliver certified CPD training in a major dermal therapy degree program in Melbourne.

From 1990 to 1993, Edmond served as a Captain (Medical) in Singapore Armed Forces military, exercise & sports medicine research & care centre where he was clinician, clinical trainer and practice manager. Within a multidisciplinary team model, Edmond cared for and performed operational fitness assessments for special ops forces, Olympic athletes and professional sportsmen. Related experience includes designing, developing and delivering certified CPD training and education to military doctors, nurses, paramedics and physical training instructors.

Edmond has good analytical ability, organisational skills, time management and adaptability. He has demonstrated high level of initiative, conceptual and analytical thinking. Edmond participated in Singapore Armed Forces’ pilot program for obese recruits in basic military training. In this he conducted research and provided clinical care for obese recruits regarding obesity nutrition, endocrinology, exercise physiology and training injuries. He participated in human performance studies in sports and military training and obesity research analysing relationships between diet, nutrition and endurance. Edmond has experience in biomechanical research using both live and cadaveric subjects. Biomechanics research included traumatic shoulder injuries comparing cadaver studies with post-operative results in live subjects. He has also authored review papers on sports trauma including sea sports.

In 1993 Edmond provided the medical response plan for the 19th South East Asian Games. He also served as a flight surgeon in the Republic of Singapore Air Force helicopter air sea search & rescue for South East Asian waters. Both roles included helping to design, develop and deliver certified CPR and CPD training for doctors, nurses, allied health and first aiders.
From 1994 to 2005, in Singapore, Edmond attended to professional sportsmen (team sports physician to professional S-League soccer teams), national athletes, military & paramilitary servicemen, handicapped athletes and recreational sports persons of all age groups. He was the appointed sports physician to over 500 players in youth rugby in various schools, clubs and universities. Edmond actively collaborated with school sports coaches in developing youth sports and wellness camps and programs. He participated in community outreach healthcare programs to schools, community centres, sports/recreation clubs and charities. Edmond volunteered as a corps surgeon in Singapore’s St John’s Ambulance Brigade. These roles included helping to design, develop and deliver certified CPR and CPD training for doctors, nurses, allied health and first aiders.

In 2004 Edmond provided medical cover for a Special Olympics-SMU (Singapore Management University) expedition scaling the highest peak in South Asia, Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. This involved the prevention and treatment of high altitude mountain sickness for the Special Olympics-SMU contingent and other nationalities along the trail. Training in 1st aid was also provided to the expedition. In 2004 Edmond was the tournament sports physician for the International Rugby Sevens and JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Singapore. These roles included helping to design, develop and deliver certified CPR and CPD training for doctors, nurses, allied health and first aiders.

Edmond has shown that he is able to translate current and previous clinical experience to be flexible and adapt to various environments to positively influence others in learning. In these various roles, Edmond has demonstrated that he is able to work independently or effectively collaborate in mutually respectful team environments, take initiatives, make decisions and be accountable to help deliver optimal educational outcomes. It's in Edmond’s nature to strive for excellence and focus on service in a transparent manner while remaining warm and approachable to each and every stakeholder.

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